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Meet Quinny_ 2020_walk your way

Congrats! You made a tiny human. Now what? Move to the suburbs and do laundry for the next 18 years? Hell no! Quinny isn’t for boring parents, it’s for the adventurous person you were before you became a parent. That fun-finding, urban explorer who kicks butt at work and then kicks back with friends. 

Becoming a parent doesn’t stop you from making plans, or even being spontaneous, you’re just doing it on a little less sleep these days. You got this, and we’re with you every step of the way. Helping you stay flexible, stylish as hell, and adapt to whatever the city rolls your way.

The Quinny line is built for your life. Your life as a parent, but also all that other good stuff that’s gonna make you an awesome role model for your tiny human. It’s a big world out there. Walk your way with Quinny.